Download Among US MODs & MODPacks +50 New Roles/Modes

Nowadays, there are hundreds of MODs for Among Us that we can download to access new roles and game modes. Installing these MODs will allow you to enjoy a totally different game, and much more complete, offering much more interesting games.

Download the best MODs for Among Us (August 2021)

What we recommend today are the Packs of MODs for Among Us, especially if it is to play together with friends or if you are trying to find a lobby in which to play with other people. However, there are multiple very interesting MODs for the game that only offer a specific role or game mode. Both options offer a lot of free content that improves the game tremendously, and without having to wait for updates.

The best Among Us MODPACKs

As of today, the best option to enjoy Among Us MODs together with friends is to install one of the 6 currently leading MODPACKS. The advantages of these MODPacks are numerous, since with just one installation you will be able to access different game modes and roles, without having to constantly change the .assets files.

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At the moment, and after the latest news, the best MODPack of Among Us is Polus.GG, which has acquired Town Of Us to create a new and much more complete Pack. One of the most interesting new features of is its new map Submerged, which brings a totally renewed experience to the game (check it out from the following link).

New roles and game modes for Among Us

Although some of the most famous roles are not yet available (as they develop them privately for some content creators), some MODs of quite famous Among Us roles have already been leaked, which can be downloaded for free from our website. There are also numerous MODs with new game modes for Among Us. Research among our selection and download the ones you like the most:

Why you should download MODs for Among Us

Among Us is a very easy game to modify by internet developers 4fun, so gradually numerous MODS are appearing for Among Us that add new possibilities to the game. From new roles, to new game modes, downloading MODS for Among Us will take you to a new dimension within the game.

To give you an idea, MODs that add new roles to the game are currently the most sought after and played. Being such a simple game, these new roles give it an extra touch of fun and some dynamism with respect to the normal games, which have already been a bit in the background.