Descargar Engineer MOD para Among Us (NEW Role)

MOD’s Name Engineer
Game Among Us
Description New engineer rol
Tier A
Type Rol
Size  8,3 MB
Download Download MOD

The MOD Engineer for Among Us offers us a new role of engineer within the game, which will have special abilities that could not be found in the original game. By downloading this MOD, you will be able to enjoy completely different games with your friends, since the engineer role will influence the course of the game, creating new situations.

Engineer MOD Among Us

Basically, the engineer role in Among Us features the ability to repair a breakdown or emergency from anywhere on the map you are. Well used, this ability can put impostors on the ropes. In addition, and if that wasn’t enough, the engineer role has the ability to use the ventilation hatches, just like an imposter would do.

Download and install Engineer MOD for Among Us

While it is true that this mod is available separately, as of today several MODPACKS are available that include various roles and game modes in a single MOD. In this case, the Extra Roles MOD contains this new role and 3 more, so we recommend you better download and install that option.

Link – Download Extra Roles MOD