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From MODS.NINJA you can play FNF Online and download FNF MODs with new exclusive weeks for Friday Night Funkin’. Access new songs and characters for FNF from Windows or Android without having to download it on your PC

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Downloading FNF MODs gives users access to complete new weeks for Friday Night Funkin’, totally exclusive. The large community that has been created around MODs for FNF has created a strange phenomenon: the “episodes” that MODs add to the game are better (and there are many more) than those of the game itself (or at least while we wait for the official version of FNF to be released).

How to download MODs for Friday Night Funkin
Since Friday Night Funkin is a very easy game to modify, the internet is full of MODs for Friday Night Funkin that include new songs and enemies to overcome. At MODS.NINJA we have collected a large amount (+300) of them so you can play the MOD online and download them if you liked them. On our website we periodically publish the latest news and the latest releases of FNF MODs, compiling the best full weeks and the best characters for FNF.
What is Friday Night Funkin?
Friday Night Funkin is a Rythm Game that for now is in development phase (although it can be played), and that offers different songs, divided into different “weeks”, that make up a peculiar story in which the protagonist will have to evade enemies by rapping.
What are the MODs for in Friday Night Funkin?
As there is not much to improve in the episodes that the game has, and since the grace is to maintain the essential gameplay of the game, the Friday Night Funkin’ MODs are focused on adding new enemies and weeks to the game. Thus, we will be able to face new musical challenges that we could not access from the original version of the game.
How to install MODs in Friday Night Funkin?

The installation of MODs in this game is very simple. Here are the steps to follow:

Download the MOD you want and unzip the file to get the “Assets” folder.
Open the game file folder and locate the Friday Night Funkin Assets folder.
Copy the entire contents of the “Assets” folder of the MOD you downloaded and paste it into the Assets folder of the game. Click overwrite all to replace the files the MOD needs.
Open the game normally and enjoy the MOD.