Polus.GG Among Us MODPack (v2021.9.30) – Download (NEW)

MOD’s Name Polus.GG
Game Among Us
Description New areas and tasks
Tier S
Type MOD Pack
Download Download MOD

Polus.GG is one of the best MODPACK of Among Us that we can find today, because it brings a lot of content, and of good quality. Next we will review everything that contains the MODPACK of Polus.GG.


Polus.GG is a platform where we can create and manage our Among Us servers. However, since some time ago the functionalities have increased a lot, having a lot of options and content related to this successful game.

Polus GG has a large number of MODs and implementations that we can use in Among Us, so now we have Polus GG Modpack, a package where all the content of Polus GG is grouped and in which we will have a variety of MODs for Among Us as well as many other functions. These MODs can be focused on different aspects of the game among which we can highlight the following:

  • New game modes, each one with different rules, objectives, number of players, all of them very interesting and different.
  • A renewed account system, in which we can log in with our own account to play Among Us and save all the settings, both visual and preferences, as well as view the game history…
  • A A new account system, in which we can log in with our own account to play Among Us and save all the settings both visual and preferences, as well as view the game history…
  • A great amount of additional cosmetics, we will have Skins, additional decoration elements, pets and an insane amount of elements to customize our characters.
  • New roles: one of the most important elements of Polus GG Modpack is the inclusion of different additional roles, which allows different players to perform different functions on board the ship, no more boring games where if you are not an assassin you are just a simple crew member waiting to be killed, here everyone has a function.

How to download Polus.GG Modpack for Among Us

To download Polus.GG Modpack we will have to click on the following download link that we leave you here:

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This link will redirect us to the Steam platform, through which we will have to perform the download and installation of Polus.GG MODPACK. Once we are on Steam, we will have to give the green button that says Install Now. And follow the instructions below.

How to install Polus.GG Modpack

To correctly install Polus.GG Modpack we will have to perform the following steps.

  1. Once we have selected the option to install now, we will have to first confirm the download.
  2. When we have confirmed the download, we will have to wait for it to finish, and subsequently to finish the installation, it is a fairly short process since they are only 36.4 MB.
  3. Then we must click on the green button that puts us play.

Game modes of Polus GG

Town of Polus:

Town of Polus is one of the most successful game modes of Polus GG, and is that the content it houses is of great quality. To begin with, it is a game mode that has new maps (in case we want to use them, we can also use the original map), and new roles, so the game will change a lot. Some of these new roles are the following:

  • Engineer: You will be in charge of maintenance among other things and try to help the crew as much as possible. Hands on
  • Grenadier (Gunner): your main mission will be to blind the crew members of the ship. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open, as long as you can…
  • Jester (¿?): you will have to try to make the whole crew think that you are the killer, it seems easy but it will be quite a challenge.

Hide and Seek:

It is a new game mode of Among Us, however it is not a particularly complicated mode, let’s say it is as simple or more than the original game mode, so if you are looking for a way to have fun without many complications this is your game mode.


In “gaming” terminology Vanilla refers to the original game, which although it seems obvious it should be noted that Polus GG also includes the original Among Us game, so if after a while playing games with MODs we want to return to the original game there will be no problem in playing a few games to the classic Among Us.

Polus GG v2021.9.28 Latest update

The latest available version of Polus GG is v2021.9.28 which includes many new features, although the most important are the following:

  • New role: Poisoner
  • New region available: Asia
  • Various new features in Hide and Seek mode:
    • Option to disable “admin table.”
    • Option to disable “admin table.”
    • Option to disable “admin table”.
    • Option to set a timer.
    • Option to set a timer.
    • Option to have different viewpoints.
  • Fixes many bugs and glitches.
  • Option to set a timer.
  • Different Skins and customization elements have been added

How to play Polus.GG Modpack

In order to play Polus.GG we will have to have previously completed a series of steps:

  1. To start we will need to have the Among Us game downloaded and installed.
  2. Next we will need to have an account created in Polus.GG, in case you do not have it created, you can create it at the time you run the program.
  3. Once the account is created we will have to enter it when accessing the Modpack.
  4. Finally we will have to select the original game location inside our equipment.