Download Twins MOD for Among Us (Game Mode)

MOD’s Name Twins
Game Among Us
Description Each player will be accompanied by a twin brother or sister.
Tier A
Type Game Mode
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Twins MOD is a modification of Among Us that adds a new game mode to the original version, which we could not access otherwise. By downloading the twins MOD for Among Us you will be able to give a new approach to your games, to prevent them from becoming so repetitive.

twins mod among us

The Twins game mode is quite simple: all players in the game, both impostors and crew members, will have a twin. The twins will have the same color and it will be impossible to distinguish them from each other, which will create confusion in the game and make it more difficult to decide who is really the impostor.

Download Twins MOD for Among Us PC & Android

This MOD is available individually, but it is recommended to download a MOD pack that includes it. In this case, we are lucky that includes Twins among its available game modes. Download it and install it with your friends to enjoy Twins and more game modes.

Link – Download