Download MEDIC MOD for Among Us (New Doctor Role)

MOD’s Name Medic
Game Among Us
Description Adds the role of doctor
Tier A
Type New rol
Download Download MOD

MEDIC MOD for Among Us adds a new role to the game, which will be able to perform special abilities such as reviving crew members, offering a shield to one of the crew members or obtaining clues from corpses on the map; this will depend on the version of MEDIC MOD you download and install.

With the new doctor role, Among Us games will get new variants that will make them more interesting. First of all, the general strategy of the crew team will have to change, since reporting a body will prevent the medic from reviving it or getting clues from it. Therefore, when a crewmember finds a body, he should try to get the medic to reach it and be able to use his special abilities.

How to download MEDIC MOD for Among Us

Although this MOD is available separately, what we recommend from MODS.NINJA is to take advantage of MOD packs that have this role included among their “improvements” to the game. In this case, MEDIC MOD is included in the following MODPACKS:

The installation of the MODs we recommend is much simpler, as it does not require you to be putting and removing files to enjoy several Among Us MODs at the same time.