Download JESTER MOD for Among US (JOKER role)

MOD’s Name Jester
Game Among Us
Description New Joker rol
Tier A
Type Rol
Download Download MOD

JESTER MOD is a modified version of Among Us that includes a new role in the game: the Joker, who will have a special objective within the game: to make the others believe that he is the impostor. If the JESTER or JOKER is expelled from the crew, he will automatically win the game.

jester MOD Among Us

Despite not having any special abilities, Joker’s role can completely change the course of a game that was practically won (both for the imposters and the crewmembers). It makes it much more complicated for the crew members to decide to expel a player, as they would risk losing the game instantly. In addition, the imposters will have to try to get rid of him/her as soon as possible, to avoid losing the game in a vote.

Download Jester or Joker MOD for Among Us

This MOD is very famous on its own, but it’s a pain to have to be installing and uninstalling MODs one by one every time we want to change game mode. Therefore, I recommend you the following MODPACKS, as they both include the JOKER role among their options, and include many more roles and modes in a single MOD: