Download Battle Royale MOD for Among Us (Game Mode)

MOD’s Name Battle Royale
Game Among Us
Description New battle royale mode
Tier A
Type Game Mode
Size 12,9 MB
Download Download MOD

The MOD Battle Royale for Among Us is one of those modifications that adds a new game mode that is not available in the original mode. By downloading Battle Royale for Among Us you will be able to access an in-game battle royale, being able to participate in matches that are very different from the normal ones.

Battle Royale MOD Among Us

In the Battle Royale game mode, everyone will have a chance to kill, and the goal of all players will be to be the last one alive. It is one of the most dynamic game modes and will allow you to play many games in less time.

How to download Battle Royale MOD for Among Us

This mod is included in one of the most famous MODPACKS of the moment: All Of Us. You can download it from our website and it will allow you to access the Battle Royale game mode and many others in a single installation. With this you will save a lot of time and you will be able to switch more easily between game modes.

Link – Download All Of Us