Download – MODPACK for Among Us (+10 new modes)

MOD’s Name
Game Among Us
Description New game modes
Tier S
Type MOD Pack
Size 756 KB
Download Download MOD is an unofficial Among Us server that offers 10 different game modes in a single MOD, which can be downloaded for free. To give you an idea, is a MODPACK for Among US, so it includes several role MODs and game modes in a single installation.

Currently it is the best option to play new game modes with your friends, as there is no other modified version of the game that offers so many game modes together. The most interesting alternatives are Extra Roles MOD (which includes 4 new roles and is updated with new ones), and All Of Us (which also has several roles and is updated periodically).

New roles and new game modes for Among Us with

As we have already mentioned, with this MODPACK you will be able to unlock 10 new game modes in Among Us, including new roles and very interesting options. This is the list of game modes that can be activated using the command /gamemode + mode name in the game chat:

  • Crazycolors: players will change color every so often (which can be configured in the mode options)
  • Twins: all players will have a twin (player of the same color), which will make it more confusing to know who is who.
  • 50-50: half of the players will be assigned one color, while the other half will be assigned another. This will increase the confusion even more.
  • Clones: the entire game is the same color. It is the difficult version of Twins and 50-50.
  • Jester: adds a new role that has to get the other players to vote for him as an impostor. If he succeeds he wins the game.
  • Zombies: game mode in which the impostor is a zombie that has to infect the other crew members. Crew members must finish all the tasks to win.
  • Venteleporter: The hatches may be used by anyone, and will transport you to another random hatch.
  • Christmas: Cops and robbers game mode.
  • Random mode: you will be able to play any of’s game modes randomly.

As you can see, offers us a great variety of content. In addition, we will soon have new game modes thanks to new updates that are being prepared by the developers.

How to download for Among Us PC and Android

This MOD is available in APK and EXE format, for Android and PC. Both versions are completely free, but for the PC version you will need to have Among Us installed on Steam or Epic Games Store (or tell the launcher the folder of your modded version of Among Us).

Link – Download for Pc

Link – Download for Android (Google Play)

How to install on Among Us (PC and Android)

The installation of this MODPACK does not require any special process or touching or moving files in any folder of the game, that’s why it’s so simple. Remember that in order to play with friends, all of them must have installed, or they won’t be able to join the room.

Installing on PC

  • Download the .exe file
  • Open the .exe file and let the installer do its job
  • Open the game and enjoy (remember that you can change the modes with the /gamemode command)

Installing on Android

  • Completely close Among Us on Android.
  • Download the APK file and install it from Google Play.
  • Download the APK file and install it from Google Play.
  • Open the game and enjoy