Squid Game for Among Us – Download MOD (PC)

MOD’s Name Squid Game
Game Among Us
Description New skins
Tier A
Type Skins
Size 23 MB
Download Download MOD

Squid Game MOD for Among Us is a MOD that brings us to Among Us one of the most fashionable series of the moment, and undoubtedly the most successful release this genre during 2021: Squid Game (“The Squid Game”), a series produced by Netflix, and of Asian origin in which we will have to fight for our survival, and in this MOD this was not going to be less.

squid game mod

One of the best worked aspects of the MOD are the customization options as we can create characters with many elements that appear in the series: we will have the costumes of the participants, the masks of the soldiers, the animal masks of the VIP spectators, or even the mask of the leader, so as you can see the options are very wide and the finish is quite good.

This is a decorative MOD, that is to say it focuses on this aspect, that’s why there is so much customization content, and the truth is that it is very good and sure to surprise you when playing games with your friends. However, the MOD does not add any additional features to the game, perhaps you could think in the future to create a map of: “The Squid game” or some kind of role inspired by the series.

Download Squid Game MOD for Among Us

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