Download Venteleporter MOD for Among Us (Game Mode)

MOD’s Name Venteleporter
Game Among Us
Description New mode with teleportation
Tier A
Type Game Mode
Download Download MOD

The MOD Venteleporter adds a new game mode in Among Us, which we could not access from the original version of the game. By downloading and installing this MOD, you will be able to access the new game mode by using the /gamemode command in the chat, followed by the game mode name.

venteleporter mod

In Venteleporter all players in the game will be able to use the vent hatches, but with one significant change: you will not be able to choose where you transport to. By stepping on a hatch, we will be teleported to another random hatch in any area of the map. This gives crew members an advantage in escaping from impostors, so it is recommended that there be a minimum of 2 impostors in this game mode.

Download Venteleporter MOD for Among Us

This MOD, although it can be downloaded individually, it is advisable to install it through a MODPACK that includes it, to make our life easier and to be able to access other game modes without having to be changing files each time. In this case, we recommend you to install, a MOD that includes this game mode.

Link – Download