Download Clones MOD for Among Us (Game Mode)

MOD’s Name Clones
Game Among Us
Description New game mode
Tier A
Type Game Mode
Size  756 KB
Download Download MOD

Clones MOD is a modification of Among Us that adds a new mode to the game, in which all players in the game will be identical copies. This means that in the clones game mode no one will have a pet, no hat, no color, everyone will be exactly the same in appearance.

Clones MOD Among Us

This can make for a lot of confusion when playing the game, because even though you see the facts of a murder, you don’t really know who is committing it and therefore who to vote for. This game mode facilitates the game to the impostor, who will have it easier to go at ease and kill without fear all the crew members he wants. For this reason, it is recommended that in this game mode there is only 1 impostor, as 2 would be too powerful and would always win.

Download Clones MOD for Among Us

This game mode, although it can be installed individually, is available in the MODPACK of, which incorporates many more game modes with which to enjoy with your friends. Remember that in order to play, all participants will need to install, and you will need to activate by the /gamemode command in the chat.

Link – Download