+20 Best Satisfactory MODs 2022 – Download & How to Install

It was inevitable that Satisfactory MODs would go viral. Being an open world game, and therefore of numerous possibilities, it is also very prone to marry well with MODs, which triumph in games like Minecraft, also open world. Moreover, being a game still in early access development, there are many features that are not polished or improved, and can be included in the game through these MODs.

Nombre Tipo Versión Tamaño Descargar
Satisfactory Mod Manager (SMM) & Launcher (SML) MOD Manager 3.0.0 75 MB Download MOD
Area Actions Utilities 1.6.6 3.13 MB Download MOD
Additional 300 Inventory Slots Inventory 5.0.3 38 KB Download MOD
Pak Utility Mod Utilities 0.5.3 103 KB Download MOD
Floor Hole and Ceiling Logistics Logistics 2.0.10 2.476 KB Download MOD
More Milestones More Milestones 1.0.20 47 MB Download MOD
Smart! Buildings 17.0.10 9.5 MB Download MOD
Storage Teleporter Construction and inventory 1.0.4 59 MB Download MOD
MK++ Buildings 5.1.5 35 MB Download MOD
Ficsit Farming Buildings 4.0.1 283 MB Download MOD
Refined Power Buildings 3.0.6 223 MB Download MOD
Efficiency Checker Mod Utilities 2.1.3 10.6 MB Download MOD
Structural Solutions Utilities 1.1.5 69,9 MB Download MOD
Teleporter Movement 5.0.7 24.4 MB Download MOD
Item Dispenser Items 3.3.2 4.1 MB Download MOD
Daisy Chain Power Cables Electricity 2.0.2 94 KB Download MOD
MiniMap Map 1.0.11 469 KB Download MOD
Super (Alternate) Recipes Recipes 1.0.7 151 KB Download MOD
Big Storage Tank and MegaPump Warehousing and Inventory 2.0.3 932 KB Download MOD
Conveyor Wall Hole Utilities 2.0.2 82 KB Download MOD

Featured MODs from Satisfactory


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What are the best MODs for Satisfatory 2021?

As it usually happens in almost any game with MODs, there are several of them that are already starting to stand out, either because of how well they are developed, or because the idea they add to the game is useful for the vast majority of players. Normally, the best MODs for a game are not those that change it notably, but those that improve certain details that the original game did not have well polished, or had not been sufficiently deepened. These MODs are usually called “Quality life”.

Refined Power

Undoubtedly, one of the best MODs at the moment. Refined Power adds more than 20 new constructions to the game, all of them focused on the production of energy in an alternative way to what we can find in the original version. Wind turbines, solar panels, fusion and hydroelectric plants… In short, this MOD is specialized in improving and giving more depth to the game by improving the energy production branch.

Download Refined Power

Ficsit Farming

From the same creators of Refined Power, Ficsit Farming is one of the MODs that we most recommend today. Like its big brother, this MOD focuses on a “branch” of the game that the developers have not yet exploited: farming. You could say that it is a kind of expansion for Satisfactory, with which you can create 14 new constructions focused on the theme of farms and agriculture (yes, futuristic agriculture and made factory). Undoubtedly, one of my favorites to date, as it improves the depth of the game and really does not give the feeling of playing a MOD.

Download Ficsit Farming


This is another one of those MODs so well called “Quality Life”, and it adds new Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4 tiers to the original constructions of the game that do not have higher levels. These new tiers for buildings serve to increase the production efficiency of the building. In short, Mk++ for Satisfactory will offer you more than 40 improved builds that are not available in the original version.

Download Mk++ MOD

Light It Up

A MOD only specialized in lighting systems, something that Satisfactory does not have today. With this MOD you can add all kinds of lamps of different types in your factory, and configure “groups” to turn on and off according to your needs. Although today it is a very popular MOD, it seems impossible to think that the developers will not add a lighting system at some point.

Download Light It Up MOD


This Mod could be categorized as an “all-in-one“, which incorporates several functions to the game. In order to use it within the game, you will have to craft the MoarFactory Tablet, with which you will be able to access everything that the MOD offers. Among the outstanding options is the option to fly or change the camera to third person. It also adds a large number of decorative constructions, such as walls, stairs, foundations, and special buildings (but mostly only serve as decoration).

Download MoarFactory MOD


This MOD is a conglomerate of tools that will facilitate gameplay when developing your factory in Satisfactory. It is one of the most popular MODs, thanks to the time savings that learning how to use it means to apply its improvements in our factory. What I like most about this MOD are the improvements it adds to the construction, as it allows us to build “in series”, and even allows us to “auto-connect” the constructions with perfectly organized conveyor belts.

Download Smart! MOD

More Milestones +100

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite MODs, as it adds new missions and challenges to the game, making it more interesting to create Mega-Factories with very high productions. By overcoming the challenges, you will be able to unlock new constructions, new decorations and more space for your inventory. At higher levels, this MOD becomes more complicated, which will make it a challenge for try-hard players.

Download Milestones +100 MOD

Storage Teleporter


If you’re sick of having to organize endless conveyor belts to transport materials, or you’re tired of having to make belts that are too long to transport materials over long distances, this MOD is for you. The only thing it adds is a “storage teleporter”, which will basically teleport the items that enter it, to the other storage teleporter assigned to it. This way, you will save materials and time when creating the connections in your factory.

Download Teleporter MOD

ExoSuit Mod

This MOD doesn’t really add anything new to the game as such, but it combines two mobility tools of the game (the jetpack and the blade runners), so you can wear them both at the same time and, therefore, acquire the effects and benefits of both at the same time. In addition, it doubles the speed/power of the movements that the jetpack and the blade runners would give us, and adds a dash ability that uses fuel to compensate it. It is a highly recommended MOD, as it does not spoil the game, it simply makes it more comfortable (after all, the game is about making factories, not about traveling long distances through the countryside).

Download Exosuit MOD

Area Actions


This is the perfect MOD for those who only want to focus on building mega-factories in the game. As its name suggests, this MOD allows us to perform tasks in area, which includes very OP functions such as selecting an area of your factory and copy it to paste it completely identical in another place. It also includes the option to fly, as if it were the “creative” mode. It could be categorized as a cheat MOD, but if you’re having fun simply making factories and not actually playing the game, it doesn’t have to be bad.

Download Area Actions

Other Featured Mods for Satisfactory

  • Pak Utility Mod
  • Programmable Elevators
  • Item Dispenser
  • Teleporter
  • MoarAssets
  • MoarDevide
  • Floor Hole and Ceiling Logistics
  • FoundationIndustries
  • Efficiency Checker Mod
  • MiniMap
  • Huge Storage
  • X3-Signs V2
  • PowerSuit
  • Advanced Logistics
  • Daisy Chain Power Cables
  • PowerSuit Modules
  • Conveyor Wall Hole
  • Miner Mk4 Mod
  • Conveyors Mod
  • Big Storage Tank and MegaPump
  • Utility Signs
  • No Fall Damage
  • Stack Overflow
  • Ramped Fences
  • X3-Roads
  • Permaday
  • Item Hopper
  • Micro Manage
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Passive Mode
  • Flags Mod
  • Multi Splitter/Merger Balancer
  • Power Checker
  • Item Spawner
  • Unlock All Alternate Recipes
  • 10+ Inventory Slots
  • Hyper Boosters
  • Wall Conveyors
  • Better BladeRunners
  • FicsIt-Networks
  • Fast Craft Bench
  • Covered Conveyor Belt
  • Upside Down Foundatios and More
  • Huge Inventory (+100 slots)
  • Turbo Pumps
  • Holes
  • Calculator
  • Double Freight Car
  • Icon Sign Panel 2.0
  • JetPack Mk.2

After all, the developers of Coffe Stain Studios cannot have as many ideas for the game as all the developers of MODs put together (which is totally normal). For this reason, this type of MODs arise, which either try to improve some aspect of the game, or add new elements that we can use and take advantage of for our factory.

What is Satisfactory?

Satisfactory is a third-person open world game, focused on the construction of assembly lines and factories, with the sole purpose of automating the entire production process of different materials. You’ll start with nothing more than what you put in and, by exploiting the different materials that can be acquired on the map, you’ll gradually have access to improvements in your production lines.

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