Submerged Among Us Custom Map – Download (Nuevo Mapa)

MOD’s Name Submerged
Game Among Us
Description New areas and tasks
Tier S
Type Map
Download Download MOD

Submerged is a new custom map for the Among Us videogame that offers new features that will allow us to enjoy a different Among Us game, in which elements such as tasks and game design in general change. In addition, we will also be able to approach the corners of the map and enjoy small surprises by observing the bottom of the sea.

Submerged Custom Map

Submerged is an unofficial Among Us map in which the game takes place in a submarine. It was developed by a group of streamers (led by 5up) , but it has such a high quality that the company Innersloth itself allowed it to be released to the public so that all the fans of the community could enjoy it.

New features of the Among Us Submerged custom map

As we have already mentioned, the custom map Submerged for Among Us has a lot of new features. The main feature that differentiates it from other maps is that the game takes place in a submarine, in which we will find a lot of visual elements that refer to the seabed, such as the presence of different types of algae along the corridors, and new decorations, such as ventilation ducts in the shape of an oxygen tank.

In terms of gameplay, we will have new areas and new tasks different from those of the original maps, more focused on the marine theme. It also offers us a new voting interface that has the aesthetics of a pink phone. On this phone will first appear the players who have died and then the rest of the crew.

One of the most interesting features is that this is the first map thatincludes an elevator, which will make the games much more interesting. Thanks to the elevator we will be able to change from one floor to another quickly, which will provide a new challenge to both the impostor and the crew members. Every time a vote ends the crew members will be able to choose which floor they want to appear on, without having the need to use the elevator.

New Areas of the Among Us Submerged map

As it could not be less, the Submerged map changes all the areas of the original Among Us maps, changes them in their aesthetics and in their layout on the map, so we will have to learn the new locations. This is great for the more experienced Among Us players who knew the maps by heart, because now they will have a new challenge and more fun. In addition, new locations for the ventilation ducts (and new look) are included.

The areas included in the Submerged map are: Central, Electrical, Safety, Ballast, Engines, Storage, and Lobby.

Submerged Among Us

New tasks in the Submerged (Among Us) map

We will find a lot of new tasks, both for crewmates and fictitious tasks for imposters to pretend. Some of the tasks that we will find in this new map are:

How to download the custom map Submerged for Among Us

To download Submerged, the new custom map for Among Us is very simple, we will only have to download, a Among Us MODS pack that includes the best contents, including the Submerged map. You can download at the link below:

Link – Download Submerged Map (

Tasks for crewmates in the Submerged map

Some of the tasks that we will be able to find as crewmates are similar to the existing ones in the official Among us, but they have different aesthetics. We will also find completely new tasks.

  • Wiring
  • Vending machine
  • Books
  • Data
  • Mantarray tracking
  • Cleaning windows
  • Breakfast
  • Reactor cycle

Fake tasks for Submerged imposters (custom map)Tasks Submerged map

Of course, impostors can also try to get out of the situation by faking tasks, just like in other Among Us maps. Some of these tasks are:

  • Capturing leaks
  • Shooting depth charges
  • Wiring
  • Scanner
  • Reactor cycle
  • Volcanic activity
  • Breakfast