Download Officer MOD for Among Us (New Role)

MOD’s Name Officer
Game Among Us
Description New officer rol
Tier A
Type Rol
Download Download MOD

The Officer MOD for Among Us adds a new role to the game, with unique features that cannot be found in the original version of the game. By downloading Officer MOD you will be able to play Among Us games totally different from what you were used to, as the new role can completely change the overall strategy of all players.

In this case, the role of Officer has the ability to kill anyone, but is only allowed to kill imposters. If the Officer kills any crewmember, he will die instead and will be ejected instead of the crewmember. For this reason, the Officer should wait to see conclusive evidence before deciding to attack any player in the game.

How to download Officer MOD for Among Us

This MOD is available separately, but nowadays it is best to download a MODPACK containing several MODs, so that we do not have to be constantly changing the installation to be able to play several roles at once. In this case, Officer MOD is available within the additional roles of the MOD Extra Roles, so it is best to download this pack, which includes more roles apart from Officer.

Link – Download Extra Roles MOD