Download Zombies MOD for Among Us (Game Mode)

MOD’s Name Zombies
Game Among Us
Description New game mode adding the infected
Tier A
Type Game Mode
Download Download MOD

The Zombies MOD for Among Us allows us to play the mythical game of the infected within the InnerSloth game. By downloading and installing this MOD, you will be able to access the new Zombies game mode using the /gamemode command in the game chat (if you are the admin).

zombies among us

To give you an idea, in this game mode all players will start with a 10 second countdown, after which one of the players will become infected or zombie. The zombie must infect all the crew members before they finish all the tasks in order to win, while the crew members will win if they finish the tasks. It’s a fun game mode that serves as a bit of a change from the type of games Among Us has accustomed us to.

Download Zombies Game Mode MOD for Among Us

Although it should be noted that this MOD can be installed alone, it is recommended to install it using, a MODPACK that includes this game mode among all its options (10 new game modes). By installing you will save time and have more options when playing different game modes or roles in your Among Us games.

Link – Download