Download The Other Roles *Among Us MOD* NEW Roles (25+)

MOD’s Name The Other Roles
Game Among Us
Description New Roles
Tier S
Type MOD Pack
Size 11,9 MB
Download Download MOD

The Other Roles is a MODPAck for Among Us (Epic Games & Steam) in which, as its name suggests, we can access numerous new roles to enjoy within our Among Us games. It is one of the most interesting options today, although it is not the only MODPack for Among Us that is worthwhile (as there are several at the same level of quality, or very similar).

The Other Roles

Like any other MODPack, the advantages of choosing this format over individual MODs are numerous. The packs save us from having to constantly tinker with our Among Us installation, which is often chaotic in lobbies of 15 people. In addition, they allow us to combine several different roles in the same game, which would also not be possible in an individual MOD. There are many other advantages of using MODs like The Other Roles to play Among Us, but those are undoubtedly the most important.

The Other Roles – 25 new roles for Among US

Download The Other Roles
If you still haven’t decided on The Other Roles, surely seeing the list of new features included in the game will definitely convince you. As it usually happens in others, in this MODPack we can find new roles for 3 different categories of players:

  • New roles for Imposters: Cleaner, Eraser, GodFather, Vampire, Trickster, Camouflager, Evil Guesser, Warlock, Morphling, Implover and Evil Mini.
  • New roles for Crewmen: Major, Detective, Engineer, Lighter, Lover, Tracker, Medic, Lover, Security Guard, Nice Guesser, Snitch, Swapper, Shifter, Spy, Seer, Sheriff, Nice Mini, Hacker.
  • New roles for neutrals: Sidekick, Arsonist, Jackal and Jester.

As you can see, the variety of inclusions in The Other Roles MODPack is very wide and diverse. It is worth noting that none of the roles have very spectacular abilities, but each one fulfills its own small function in the game. Some of the roles in this MODPack are exclusive, and you won’t be able to find them in any other.

Download The Other Roles v2.8.1 for Among Us

You can download the latest available version of the MOD from the following link. It is compatible with 15-player lobbies, and gives support for the latest official version of the game, so you can install it on Epic Games and Steam (also on other versions).

Link – Download

How to install The Other Roles step by step (easy and fast)

All MODs of Among Us are installed the same, or at least the vast majority. The case of The Other Roles is not special, and if you have already installed other MODs before you will not have any problem, since you will only have to repeat the process you have done on other occasions. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Download the MOD files on your PC.
  2. Open the game files folder. You can also open Steam or Epic Games, and right click on top of the game and accessing the game folder.
  3. Unzip the file you downloaded and insert all its files into the game’s file folder (in the root folder, where the executable is).
  4. Open the game normally and enjoy all the new features. The first time it may take a few seconds, since it must be installed, but from the second time it will open normally every time (unless you update it).

As you can see, it is very easy to enjoy the true potential of Among Us using MODs, without having to wait for developers to release new features. Thanks to all MODPa