Download Captain MOD for Among Us (New Role)

MOD’s Name Captain
Game Among Us
Description New captain rol
Tier A
Type Rol
Size 12,9 MB
Download Download MOD

Captain MOD for Among Us is one of those game modifications that add a new role that cannot be found in the original version. In this case, the added role is that of Captain, which will have 2 new abilities never seen before in the game.

Captain MOD Among Us

The Captain’s most interesting ability allows him to view the entire map every so often, gaining an overview of what is happening and where everyone is. This ability will allow him to detect bodies that other people have not yet seen, or to see crimes occurring far away without the imposter being able to avoid it.

The second skill of the Captain allows him to make an emergency meeting from anywhere on the map. This ability combines very well with the first one since, if by a chance a murder was detected using the enhanced vision range, a meeting could be quickly forced to warn the other crew members.

Download Captain MOD for Among Us

This MOD is available both separately and within other MOD Packs. At MODS.NINJA we recommend that you download MODPACKS as they are generally of higher quality, offer easier installation, and also include several game modes and roles in one. In this case, Captain MOD is included within All Of Us.

Link – Download All Of Us