Download Town Of Us Among Us MODPack [+25 Nuevos Roles]

MOD’s Name Town Of Us
Game Among Us
Description A large number of new roles
Tier S
Type MOD Pack
Size 12 KB
Download Download MOD

Town Of Us MOD is one of the best MODPacks for Among Us today, since it offers a large number of new roles in a single installation. It is worth noting that it is compatible with the latest official version of the game, and that it is totally allowed to use this type of MODs to access new functions to enjoy in the lobbies together with your friends.

Town Of Us MODPack

The new roles for Among Us included in Town Of Us are divided between Crewmates, Imposters and Neutrals (special roles that have their own unique objective). Thanks to this, all players in the game will be able to enjoy the new features even if they are not the imposter, which is a big plus for using this type of MODPacks together with your friends.

New Town Of Us roles for Imposters, Crew and Neutrals

In this MODPack for Among Us you will be able to access a lot of new roles, some of them exclusive (while others can also be found in other MODPacks). This is the full list of new roles included:

  • New roles for Crewmates/Tripulantes: Sheriff, Medic, Engineer, Swapper, Investigator, Snitch, Seer, Time Lord, Child, Lovers, Mayor, Spy.
  • New roles for Neutrals: Jester, Shifter, Executioner, Arsonist, The Glitch.
  • New roles for Imposters: Camouflager, Morphling, Miner, Janitor and Swooper.
  • Extra modifiers to apply: Torch, Flash, Tiebreaker, Flash.

All options concerning game customization are located in the menu where the original game places the normal options. It is easy to configure and allows you to create infinite combinations, customizing to the maximum every detail for you to balance it to your liking.

Download Town Of Us for Among Us (v2.8.1)

Link – Download from Github

How to install Town Of Us in Among Us (Steam & Epic Games)

Installing Town Of Us in Among Us will allow you to create much more interesting lobbies, in which you will be able to activate and deactivate as you like more than 25 new roles that are not available in the original game. The best part is that you’ll be able to combine them all to your liking, and configure certain parameters of each of them, to customize the game experience even more.

These are the steps to follow to install Town Of Us on Epic Games or Steam (it is very similar):

  1. Download and unzip the latest MOD update file
  2. Close the game before continuing the process.
  3. Find the folder in which the game files are contained. On both Steam and Epic Games you have the option to access the game file folder by right clicking on the game icon and selecting the appropriate option.
  4. Find the folder where the game files are located.
  5. When you have the original file folder open, and you are in the same folder that contains the game executable file, you must copy and paste all the MOD files into the game file folder.
  6. Rerun the game and wait for the files to install correctly (this will only happen the first time)

PS: Remember that to be able to play Town Of Us lobbies with friends, all the users of the room must have the same version (preferably the most current one).