Download Extra Roles MOD for Among Us v1.2.3 – PC Windows

MOD’s Name Extra Roles
Game Among Us
Description New roles
Tier S
Type MOD Pack
Size 8,3 MB
Download Download MOD

The MOD Extra Roles for Among Us is undoubtedly the trend of the moment, since it incorporates 4 new roles in a single MOD, in addition to adding a large number of game customization options. Downloading and installing this MOD is very simple, you will only have to follow the steps that we will explain below.

This Mods Pack for Among Us has been popularized in recent days via Reddit, and there are already numerous people taking advantage of its benefits. It should be noted that this modified version of the game is only available for PC, and works with InnerSloth’s official servers. However, to be able to play with your friends, everyone must have Extra Roles MOD installed.

How to add new roles in Among Us using MODs

Although it is true that there are numerous Among Us MODs that add roles, there are very few that incorporate several at once, among which you can choose without having to install and uninstall each MOD. Fortunately, little by little “packs” such as Extra Roles MODs are appearing, which improve the user experience of these modified versions, combining different MODs in one.

These are the 4 new roles included in this fantastic MOD:

  • Medic MOD – Doctor Role – The doctor can put a shield on a player of his choice, which will make him immortal. If the medic dies, the shield will be lost. In addition, the doctor can acquire clues by seeing an inert body.
  • Officer.
  • Officer MOD – Officer Role – The officer can kill people, as can the impostor, but his goal is only to kill impostors. If he kills any innocent crewmember, he will die instantly.
  • Engineer MOD – Engineer role – The engineer can repair one emergency per game from anywhere on the map. In addition, he will be able to use hatches as well as impostors.
  • Engineer MOD – Engineer role.
  • Joker MOD – Joker Role – The Joker aims to be wrongly accused. If he manages to be voted by the others, he will win the game. In addition, the Joker has no tasks to be done.

Download Extra Roles MOD for Among Us

The .rar file you are about to download contains all the files needed to make this mod pack work. Download the file and follow the installation instructions.

Download Extra Roles MOD for Among US

How to install Extra Roles MOD in Among Us

  1. Download the .rar file.
  2. Unzip the contents of the archive and insert it into a folder.
  3. Download the contents of the archive and insert it into a folder.
  4. Download the contents of the archive into a folder.
  5. Go to Steam, and right click on the Among us &gt icon; “Browse Local Files”
  6. Insert all the files from the folder you downloaded into the Among Us folder.
  7. Open the game and wait a few minutes so that it can install correctly (this will only happen the first time).
  8. If the MOD is installed properly, you will see it in the upper right corner, where you can read the text “MODS: 3”