VS Usagi FNF MOD FULL WEEK – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

VS Usagi FNF MOD is a new unofficial version of Friday Night Funkin’ that adds a new week to the game, in which we will face Usagi, a former schoolmate of Pico. Downloading this MOD will give you access to unreleased content that is not available in the original game.

Vs Usagi FNF MOD

What stands out at first glance of this MOD is the new Skin of the new opponent, which apart from having an “aesthetic” style somewhat different from those offered by other MODs, has enough charisma as a character. For now the MOD has 2 new songs, but we will be able to enjoy more content in future updates (surely with new characters too).

Download VS Usagi FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

This MOD can be downloaded from the following mirror to avoid having to avoid long download waits.
Link – Download

How to install VS Usagi FNF MOD

You can play the MOD without installing it. Just unzip the file you downloaded and open the executable file it contains.

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