Friday Night Funkin Beach Brother FNF MOD – Download

With the Beach Brother MOD for Friday Night Funkin we will be able to confront our girlfriend’s brother to earn his respect. Download and install this MOD will give you access to a completely new week, in which you will have to overcome the girlfriend’s brother in the game.

We are facing one of the most sought after MODs, as the week it adds to the game is quite fun and has been developed in a way that fits perfectly with the other weeks. In Beach Brother for FNF we can find:

  • A new week with 3 new songs totally unreleased
  • A custom MOD background.
  • Customized dialogs for the MOD.
  • The home screen is different, alluding to our new opponent.
  • A new character, the brother of our girlfriend.
  • Fully animated cut scenes.

As you will see, it is one of the most complete FNF MODs, as it not only adds new songs, but surrounds those songs with new ambience, such as the new character and his dialogues.

How to download Beach Brother for Friday Night Funkin

Downloading this MOD is completely free, just like any other MOD of this game. In MODS.NINJA we have resubmitted the latest update for you to have it available comfortably.

Link – Download x64 windows

Link – Download x32 windows

How to install Beach Brother for FNF

This MOD already comes ready to work perfectly without having to perform any installation. Just download it, unzip it, and click on the “Brother” icon to open the game with the modified version.

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