Friday Night Funkin JESTER FNF MOD – Download & install

The MOD Jester for Friday Night Funkin allows you to enjoy a new opponent and a new song in FNF. By downloading and installing this MOD you will be able to access unreleased content that cannot be found in the original version.

Jester MOD FNF

If you are looking for new challenges in Friday Night Funkin, this MOD is for you. Like many others, it adds a new song, in this case replacing the Cocoa song from week 5 of FNF. In addition to the song, we will have a new opponent, the JESTER or Joker, a character that has already become popular in MODs for Among Us.

Overall, we are not facing one of the most complete MODs, as there are others that add more songs and characters (such as B-side Remixes), but it is worth trying anyway.

Download Jester MOD for Friday Night Funkin

This MOD is totally free, and you can easily download it from the following link.ç

Link – Download

How to install Jester MOD on FNF

The installation of this MOD is identical to that of almost any FNF MOD:

  • Unzip the file you downloaded
  • Insert the MOD files into the game’s file folder, replacing all those that are repeated.
  • Open the game normally and enjoy the MOD.

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