Friday Night Funkin’ VS Tricky Phase 3 (Fanmade FNF MOD) – Download

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Tricky Phase 3 (Fanmade) is a new MOD for FNF that includes the third and last song of one of the most famous MODs of the game to date: Tricky. If you follow the game’s news, you’ll already know that the original version of Tricky has yet to release the last and third confrontation, which with this MOD we can now enjoy.

VS Tricky Phase 3 FNF MOD

It should be emphasized that this version of the phase 3 Tricky MOD is fanmade (developed by another user different from the original developers), but the quality that has been achieved in it makes it a quite interesting MOD, at least while we wait for the release of the official version. In the Vs Tricky Phase 3 song we will find the final evolution of Tricky, much more powerful than what we had seen so far. If you found the original charts difficult, wait until you meet the final version of Tricky.

This fanmade MOD is also accompanied by quite well designed cinematics, which completes a quite interesting and recommendable version.

Download VS Tricky Phase 3 for Friday Night Funkin’

You can download the MOD files from the following link, a Google Drive mirror.

Link – Download

How to install VS Tricky Phase 3 MOD in FNF

To play this MOD you won’t need to install it, you will only need to open the executable file (.exe) found among the MOD files.

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