VS K.K. Slider FULL WEEK (Animal Crossing FNF MOD) – Descargar (Friday Night Funkin’)

VS K.K. Slider is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that introduces a new week in the game, in which we will face a new and very famous Animal Crossing character: K.K. Slider. With this new MOD you can enjoy one of the best crossovers that have appeared between FNF and Animal Crossing to date.

VS K.K. Slider FNF MOD

In the new MOD week we will be able to enjoy 3 new songs that in general are quite easy to pass, as they are quite noobfriendly. You can only have some difficulty in the last part of the third song. The new skin of K.K. Slider is very similar to the original character in which it is inspired, and the new background of the week incorporates other characters from Animal Crossing as spectators of the concert between K.K. Slider and BF. If this MOD fixes some details it could become quite a popular MOD in no time.

Download VS K.K. Slider for FNF

You can download the latest version of the MOD from the following link.

Link – Download.

How to install VS K.K. Slider MOD in FNF

You will not need to install this MOD. Just open the .exe file that contains the MOD file folder.

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