VS HellChart Carol FNF MOD – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Hellchart Carol FNF MOD is the official sequel to Carol, one of the most famous MODs from the beginnings of FNF modding. Downloading Hellchart Carol will give you access to a new angelic version of Carol, which features her own wings, allowing her to fly while facing us.

Hellchart Carol FNF MOD

This MOD only features one song for now, Hellchart, which is not at all easy to beat, as its charts are meant to be quite difficult. It is undoubtedly a sequel to the original MOD, which stands out especially for the new Skin for Carol. The quality of its unique song and the charisma of our opponent make this MOD a must’have for everyone who enjoyed the first release of VS Carol.

Download VS HellChart Carol for FNF

You can download the MOD files from the following Google Drive mirror.

Link – Download

How to install VS HellChart Carol MOD on FNF

This MOD already has everything you need to be able to play it without using the original game. You only have to open the .exe file that contains the MOD file folder.

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