Smoke Em’ Up Struggle But Bad (VS Garcello but bad) FNF MOD

Smoke Em’ Up Struggle But Bad, also known as Vs Garcello but bad, is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes new assets for the new week included in the popular Vs Garcello MOD, which has been one of the most downloaded in recent weeks.

Smoke 'Em Out but bad FNF MOD

This new MOD simply replaces all the artistic part of the MOD it is inspired by, introducing a parody version made with paint. The songs and their charts will be identical, but all the graphical part of the MOD is replaced by graphics of very low quality, whose only grace or wit is that they are poorly done on purpose. This is not the first case of 2but bad” MODs appearing in FNF, as Friday Night Funkin’ but bad already became very popular a few months ago, and there have been more versions of this style for other famous MODs.

Overall, it’s a fun reversion that keeps the same gameplay and music of the original MOD, but with absurdly bad new graphics. If you want to really enjoy the MOD you’d better download the official version.

Download Smoke Em’ Up Struggle But Bad for FNF

Link – Download Official Version of Vs Garcello

Link – Download

How to install Smoke Em’ Up Struggle But Bad MOD on FNF

You will need to install the files from the assets folder inside the original MOD files.

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