Friday Night Funkin’ VS Fancy Pants MOD – Download

FNF VS Fancy Pants is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we can enjoy the popular Fancy Pants as an opponent (although it comes to offer us a friendly rap battle). Downloading this MOD will give you access to a complete new week for FNF, whose content cannot be found in the original version of the game.

VS Fancy Pants FNF MOD

In the new week of VS Fancy Pants we will be able to enjoy 3 new songs, as it has become usual in most of the game’s MODs (and in the original weeks themselves). Unfortunately, the only real attraction of this MOD is its protagonist, as the new music and accompanying charts don’t measure up, and can be vastly improved. However, the developer can greatly improve the MOD by just tweaking a few details, so we’ll wait for further updates just in case.

Download VS Fancy Pants for FNF

VS Fancy Pants can be downloaded from the following mirror.

Link – Download

How to install VS Fancy Pants MOD in FNF

You will not need to install the MOD (as with many others). Just open the .exe file and you will be able to enjoy the content of the MOD.

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