THICC Sarvente FNF MOD (NEW Sarv Skin) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Thicc Sarvente FNF MOD is a new Skin for Friday Night Funkin’, more specifically for the Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses MOD, which will replace the original Sarvente skin with a new, much more charismatic skin. Downloading and installing this MOD will only allow you to replace an in-game skin, and does not include new songs or additional content.

THICC Sarvente MOD

It should be noted that in order to use Thicc Sarvente Skin you will have to have previously the Mid-Fight Masses MOD, which was also updated very recently (and is one of the best MODs that exist). Undoubtedly, a very well designed skin that many will prefer over the original Sarvente skin.

Download THICC Sarvente for Friday Night Funkin’ (VS Garcello)

You can download this Skin from the following mirror to avoid long download wait times.

Skin link – Download

Mid-Fight Masses MOD Link – Download

How to install THICC Sarvente MOD in FNF

You will need to install this skin inside the Mid-Fight Masses MOD files, just as you would when installing a MOD in the original game.

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