The Rematch Between Yourself FNF MOD – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

The Rematch Between Yourself FNF MOD is the official sequel to the famous Battle Between Yourself, in which we can enjoy an epic battle of BF vs BF, in which we will have to prove who is the real one and who is the impostor. Download this MOD will give you access to one of the most interesting MODs in which to face BF (not to say the best there is today).

The Rematch Between Yourself

The Rematch Between Yourself consists of 3 new songs that are accompanied by new backgrounds and dialogues that set the story of the new week. What makes this MOD different from the rest (or at least from most), is that it focuses on annoying us in each song in a different way, making the charts move or temporarily disappear, among other effects.

It’s certainly a pretty interesting MOD that lives up to its prequel, and one that you should download if you liked the first release (since it’s from the same developer).

Download The Rematch Between Yourself for FNF

You can download this MOD from the following Google Drive mirror, which will allow you to acquire the files quickly.

Link – Download

How to install The Rematch Between Yourself MOD in FNF

This MOD does not need to be installed, as it has its own .exe file, which you can open to play the new week included in the MOD.

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