PaRappa The Rapper FNF MOD – New Rating System (Download)

The PaRappa The Rapper MOD for Friday Night Funkin (FNF) adds a new scoring system to the game, inspired by the one that incorporates the game that gives it its name. By downloading and installing this MOD you will be able to access a new way to play the game, with some details and Easter Eggs that are quite interesting.


Unlike other MODs, PaRappa The Rapper for FNF does not add any new songs or skins, as it focuses on improving the gameplay part of the game. The new scoring system it implements features 4 possible scores for our song performance:

  • Cool: The maximum you can get, but you will have to make special combos to achieve it.
  • Good: The maximum score that can be acquired by doing the perfect song, without freestyling.
  • Bad: when you miss many notes in a row.
  • Awful: If you miss many notes in a row.
  • Awful: If you reach this score, you are eliminated.
  • Awful: If you reach this score, you are eliminated.

To freestyle (although it is not very clear to me how this mechanic works), we can press the J and K key to access the possibility of getting into “Cool” score. You can discover it yourself by playing the MOD.

Download PaRappa The Rapper FNF MOD

The MOD is completely free, and we’ve re-uploaded it to to make downloading easier.

Link – Download MOD.

How to install PaRappa The Rapper on FNF

This MOD already has all the necessary files to be able to be played without the need to install it in the original game. You only need to unzip the downloaded file and open the game from the folder that will be created with the MOD files.

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