Friday Night Funkin’ Internet’s Down FULL WEEK (FNF MOD) – Download

Friday Night Funkin’ Internet’s Down is a new MOD for FNF in which you can face the mythical dinosaur that appears when you have no internet connection in Chrome. This is one of the most curious MODs that have appeared in recent weeks, and the fun idea that they have had as a basis for the MOD is precisely what makes it stand out above others.

Internet's Down FNF MOD

This MOD contains a new week in which we will have two songs to enjoy with the dinosaur. They are quite simple and short, and offer a gameplay that does not stand out by itself. What does make the new week of this MOD stand out is the artistic part, which contains a new black and white background and a new skin for the game. One of the highlights are the details of the dinosaur skin, which has some pretty funny animations.

FNF Internet’s Down is a highly recommended MOD that will offer you 5 minutes of gameplay with a week quite different from the usual within the FNF modding scene.

Download Internet’s Down for FNF

You can download this MOD from the following Google Drive mirror, which contains the files needed to play.

Link – Download

How to install Internet’s Down MOD in FNF

You will not need to install this MOD, as it has its own executable .exe file that you can open to play the new week of the game.

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