Fun Sized Whitty FNF MOD – Download (& Ballistic version)

Fun Sized Whitty is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin (FNF) that allows us to change the skin of the boyfriend (protagonist) for a small version of Whitty. Downloading and installing this MOD will not only give you access to a new skin, but it will also change the voice of our character for a custom one.

fun sized whitty mod

In general, we are not in front of any spectacular MOD, since in short it only gives us a Skin for our character. However, it is a MOD that combines very well with VS Whitty, as it allows us to face Whitty being a mini version of him, resulting in an epic confrontation.

Download Fun Sized Whitty MOD for Friday Night Funkin

This MOD can be downloaded for free from the link below.

Link – Download MOD

Link – Download Ballistic Version MOD

How to install Fun Sized Whitty MOD in FNF

To install this MOD, it is recommended to download the VS Whitty MOD and install the Fun Sized Whitty files in that MOD’s folder. This is a recommendation from the developer himself, who explains that his MOD works best this way. Just copy the files from one MOD and paste them into the file folder of the other. Once this is done, you will be able to play the modified version with your new skin.

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