Funkin’ Nights At Freddy’s FULL WEEKs (1&2) – Download

Funkin’ Nights At Freddy’s MOD is a new version of Friday Night Funkin’ that includes different characters from Five Night’s At Freddy’s inside the game, distributed in different new weeks. Downloading this MOD will give you access to the best crossover available between FNF and FNAF, since the other options that currently exist do not reach their level of quality.

Funkin Nights At Freddy's

At the moment, Funkin’ Nights At Freddy’s is in development, but already has a playable version that includes two full new weeks for the game. The only reason the MOD is still in development is because it aims to include a total of 7 new weeks to the game, all of them with characters introduced from the FNAF universe.

The two weeks that we currently have add up to a total of 6 quality songs that come with new characters (4) and new custom backgrounds for each one. The quality, as we have already mentioned, is at another level, to which only a few MODs currently reach. Undoubtedly, the best FNAF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’.

Download Funkin Night’s At Freddy’s for FNF

You can download the MOD files from the following Google Drive mirror.

Link – Download

How to install Funkin Night’s At Freddy’s MOD in FNF

You won’t have to install this MOD, as it contains all the necessary files to be played independently. You just have to open the .exe file that contains the MOD file folder.

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