Friday Night Funkin’ Cursed Pico FNF MOD Skin – Download

Cursed Pico is a skin for FNF that allows us to replace the original Pico skin with a new one, which will be our new opponent in Pico week. Downloading and installing this MOD will only give you access to an aesthetic change within the game, since the MOD only contains the Cursed Pico Skin and nothing else.

Cursed Pico FNF MOD

The Cursed Pico Skin is inspired by BF, so you could say it’s a version of BF but with the pickaxe weapon in one hand. It is one of the best Skins out there to replace Pico.

Download the Cursed Pico FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

You can download this new skin from the following mirror, which we have created for easy download speed.
Link – Download.

How to install the Cursed Pico FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

This MOD replaces files from the original game, so you will need to copy and paste the MOD files inside the Friday Night Funkin’ file folder. Once you replace all the necessary files, just open the game normally.

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