Boyfriend’s Mom FNF MOD – Descargar para Friday Night Funkin

Boyfriend’s Mom over Girlfriend’s Mom is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin (FNF) that adds a new Skin to the game, which will replace the character of our girlfriend’s mother, for that of the protagonist’s mother. Downloading and installing this MOD will simply give you access to an aesthetic change within the game, as it does not add new songs or weeks.

boyfriends mom fnf

Within the category of skins for FNF, it should be noted that the skin that incorporates this MOD is quite high quality and is quite successful. If you like to try different skins within the game, this MOD is one of those you have to download, no doubt.

Download Boyfriend’s MOM FNF MOD

We have created a mirror with the original file from the developer’s latest update for easy downloading.

Link – Download.

How to install Boyfriend’s MOM on FNF

The steps to follow are identical to those of any other MOD: unzip the archive and insert the files from the assets folder inside the original game files, replacing those that are already repeated.

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