Football Manager MODs

For lovers of soccer and management games, Football Manager is a “must” in their games and Football Manager MODs as well. Undoubtedly the world of sports in video games is a sector with a lot of competition, and if we talk about soccer this is not far behind.

Since the beginning of the consoles there have been soccer games, being Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer the two great dominators of this sector. However, both Fifa and PES are soccer simulator games, focused on simulating soccer matches in the most realistic way possible. On the other hand, FM is a management game and puts the emphasis on everything that encompasses a soccer club, contracts, transfers, employees, tactics, coaches, rather than on the match itself.

One of the most important aspects when taking into account the MODs of Football Manager is the fact of the licenses of this game, which vary from year to year, however there are not many licenses with which it counts, which is why certain MODs are almost essential when playing Football Manager if we want to have an extreme realism.

Download Football Manager MODs

Most of the MODs focus on this objective, some examples are:

  • Logos of each of the existing teams and national teams.
  • Stadiums and their surroundings.
  • Faces of the players.
  • Uniforms of the teams.
  • Etc

The game itself comes with some leagues made from start to finish in terms of uniforms, stadiums, players… However, if we want to enjoy the adventure of taking a 3rd division team, sign a few promising young players, and take the team to the top competition, we will go through some divisions in which most teams do not have licenses, or stadiums, or faces of their players reliable.

football manager MODs