Football Manager Logopack

Football Manager Logopack, is a gigantic pack of logos, it has all the images of the teams, tournaments, leagues, flags of countries, absolutely all those that exist inside the game. In the Logopack folder we will find several folders inside, one is called Flags and the other Logos.

  • Flags: it has all the flags of the world.
  • Logos: has the following types of logos:
    • Default: default logos adapted to the FM layout.
    • Extras: here we will only have the FM Graphics Configurator and a folder called continents, which has the alternative content to Confederations.
    • Nations: it has the complete federations and the respective logos of each one.
    • Club: here, as it is evident, we have all the teams created within the game and their logos.
    • Competitions: we have all the shields of the different competitions that exist in FM.
    • Confederations: logos on each of the different regions of FM.

Download Football Manager  Logopack

Downloading Football Manager Logopack is a simple process that does not require technical knowledge, even so we will explain step by step the process so that you can do it as soon as possible. To begin with, we must download the following two files:

  1. Football Manager Logopack Part 1
  2. Football Manager Logopack Part 2

football manager logopack

Install Football Manager Logopack

Next we must unzip the folder corresponding to Football Manager Logopack Part 1, and in this process the second part will be unzipped automatically, without the need for us to do it ourselves. The result will be that after carrying out the process we will have two folders, that we already mentioned previously:

  • Flags folder.
  • Logos folder.

Once we have both folders separately, we will proceed to locate them in the corresponding route which will be:

  • For the Flags folder: Graphics > Pictures > Flags.
  • For the Logos folder: Graphics > Pictures > Logos.

There is the possibility that all or some of these folders do not exist previously in your Football Manager files, if this is the case, we will create them manually and we will place our files in the previously indicated paths. During this process we may be asked if we want to overwrite the pre-existing files and we should check the Yes option.

The final result should be as follows:

  • Windows: Mis Documentos/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX/Graphics/Pictures/Logos   
    • Mis Documentos/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX/Graphics/Pictures/Flags
  • Mac/ iOS: Users/Usuario/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/Graphics/Pictures/Logos
    • Users/Usuario/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/Graphics/Pictures/Flags

Finally we will have to access already inside the Football Manager game to preferences or options, we go to the interface section, uncheck the option “Use Skin cache” and check the option “Reload Skin when confirming”. Finally we click on the confirm button.

Football Manager Logopack Updates

Every little time, and when there are a considerable amount of new logos, flags, competitions… We will update the Football Manager Logopack file, which we will attach below. The process is identical to the previously explained, all the downloadable files will have their Flags and Logos folder when unzipping, and the paths where to place them are the same. Here we attach the corresponding files:

IMPORTANT: We must download and unzip the files according to the order of the corresponding update, first v1, then v2… and so on since it will modify the config.xml file and in this way we will always have the correct config file.