Best Blade and Sorcery MODs – Download (PC Windows)

Blade and Sorcery is a game developed by the company WarpFrog and brings the revolutionary world of virtual reality to video games. In the game we will embody a fighter who will have to wage a series of battles in what appears to be an Arena to defeat waves of enemies of all kinds.

Blade and Sorcery MODs

One of the highlights of this game has been the Blade and Sorcery MODs, which have made it possible to add a lot of content and features to the already interesting idea of this virtual reality combat game. Enjoy a wide variety of weapons, combine weapons and spells to kill your enemies, do not wait any longer and enjoy this authentic game.

The Best Blade and Sorcery MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded of Blade and Sorcery:

MOD Name Description Type Size Download

The Outer Rim

Adds a variety of content such as Star Wars-inspired weapons Weapons 1.5 GB Download MOD
Medieval MegaPack (MMP) Huge pack of medieval weapons, a total of over 300. Weapons 284 MB Download MOD
Dismemberment (U10) Improves everything related to dismemberments Functionalities 3 KB Download MOD
Fisher’s Elemental Firearms and NPC Gun Waves Allow us to enchant the weapons, so that when fired the bullets will have the effects of the spell. Weapons 57 MB Download MOD
Item Activation Unlocks additional functions to objects Functionalities 6 KB Download MOD
Easier Dismemberment Improves everything related to dismemberments Functionalities 3 KB Download MOD
Time Stop Spell (U10) Load the spell. Click to stop/switch off time. Just like that Spells 292 KB Download MOD
Ice Spell 2.2 Introduces ice spells, and many related functionalities Spells 24 MB Download MOD
Magic Weapon Effects Allows the use of magical weapons and imbuing normal weapons with magic to turn them magical Weapons 6 MB Download MOD
Custom NPC Voices Framework It will allow us to create voice packs for NPCs Audio 24 KB Download MOD
Bone Holsters Bone Holsters provides a custom avatar holster framework for attachable objects Functionalities 128 MB Download MOD
Dark Chains We finally have telekinesis available in Blade and Sorcery Spells 622 KB Download MOD
Katana MegaPack Introduces a large number of Japanese Katanas to the game Weapons 176 MB Download MOD

How to download and install Blade and Sorcery MODs

To download and install Blade and Sorcery MODs we will have to perform the following process which is explained in the video below: