QMODMANAGER 4 Subnautica Below Zero – Download & Install

QModManager is the best Launcher or MOD Manager for Subnautica Below Zero, as it allows you to easily install all the MODs you want. Download and install this MOD is almost mandatory for those who want to play Subnautica Below Zero with MODs.

What is Q MOD Manager 4 and what is it forqmodmanager

As we have already explained (and as its name indicates), it is a MOD Manager for Subnautica Below Zero. To give you an idea, it’s a kind of Forge (Minecraft), but for the new Subnautica game. Most of the MODs created by the community are already developed with the aim of being installed with this MOD Manager, so it is best to download and install QMODMANAGER before you start selecting the MODs you want to install.

How to download QMODMANAGER 4 for Subnautica Below Zero

This manager is completely free, and comes in .exe format. We have re-uploaded the archive of the latest official version on Mega.nz, for the convenience of our users.

Link – Download QMODMANAGER

How to install QMODMANAGER 4

Installing QMOD 4 is very simple, just like installing any other program. The only step you have to pay special attention to is the selection of the folder containing the game files. If you do not associate the right folder, the MOD Manager will not work.

Finding the game folder is very simple, just go to the program files and find the Subnautica folder. If you have it with a Launcher like Epic Games, the folder will be inside Epic’s own file folder.

How to install MODs in QMODMANAGER 4

When you have installed the MODs Launcher for Subnautica Below Zero and have associated the folder correctly, a new folder will be created inside the game files, called QMODS. To install the MODs, simply copy and paste the entire folder of MOD files into the QMODS folder.

In addition, we recommend you to install QMOD SAM, a perfect complement for QMODMANAGER, with which you can quickly manage which MODs are activated or not, without having to install and uninstall them. The developers themselves recommend it.

Link – Download QMOD SAM