Donwload QMOD SAM Subnautica Below Zero & how to install

QMOD SAM is a MOD manager for Subnautica Below Zero that combines perfectly with QMODMANAGER, the most used MOD launcher. By downloading and installing QMOD SAM, you will be able to access a panel where you can activate and deactivate MODs as you wish without the need to uninstall them manually.

What is QMOD SAM?

As we have already explained, it is a simple administration panel in which we will be able to see in an organized way all the MODs installed in Subnautica Below Zero. In addition, it allows us to activate and deactivate any MOD in a single click and check the version of each of the MODs easily.

How to use QMOD SAM

The control panel that this MOD offers us is very minimalist and simple, so you won’t have any problem to control its different options. Basically, you just have to select the MODs you want from the list, and click Launch to access the modded version of Subnautica.

It should be noted that QMOD SAM will automatically detect MODs whose files are inside the QMODS folder, and that it is not used to install the MODs, but to manage them.

How to download QMOD SAM for Subnautica Below Zero

The file can be downloaded for free from the following link, which we have created for our users.

Link – Download QMOD SAM

How to install QMOD SAM in Subnautica Below Zero

As with QMODMANAGER, this MOD only requires you to show it the path to the folder containing the game files, so it can automatically detect the different MODs. Once you open the .exe file and install it, you will have to use the same .exe file to open QMOD SAM.