Download Efficiency Checker MOD – Satisfactory Essentials

Efficiency Checker is one of the most popular MODs from Satisfactory today, since it offers a really useful in-game function. By downloading Efficiency Checker you will be able to check the production efficiency level. We know that knowing if our production is at 100% or is about to fail is a really important data, also in case of possible failure indicates the cause of it so that we can fix it in time. This is a MOD compatible with multiplayer mode, however it is not compatible with the MOD Refined Power or others that have custom machines.

Efficiency Checker MOD

MOD Name Efficiency Checker
Game Satisfactory
Description We will be able to check the efficiency levels of our production
Tier S
Type Utilities
Size 10.7 MB
Download Download MOD

How to download and install Efficiency Checker MOD for Satisfactory

  1. Install Satisfactory MOD Manager (SMM) to be able to install the mod.
  2. Download and install Efficiency Checker from SMM.
  3. Open the game using the SMM Launcher, marking the MOD inside the list.