FNF x Persona 5 Friday Night Striking’ – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF x Persona 5 is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a content based on the universe of the famous video game Persona 5 that includes the characters of FNF. We are facing a MOD with a high level of quality that offers us an ideal mix between Persona 5 and Friday Night Funkin’, highlighting especially in its graphic section.


Regarding the music section of the MOD, we are presented with a new playable week for Friday Night Funkin’, it includes 3 new songs with spectacular rhythms in which numerous spectators accompanying the antagonist are included. In the first song we will have a battle between BF and Daddy Dearest, in the second song the battle will be against the funny Skid & Pump, and in the last one we will have the incredible appearance of Pico. These songs have a high level of difficulty, being the third song the most remarkable both musically and visually.

As for the graphical and visual aspect of x Persona 5 we must highlight the following aspects. We will have new custom backgrounds for each week, a new design for the characters, skins for some of the characters and custom home screen. One of the most remarkable elements in its graphic section is the completely customized menu, which makes it look like we are in another game. This is a MOD that offers a high level of quality and is worth trying.

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