Download MODs for Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil: Village is the new installment of Resident Evil, one of the most long-lived and successful sagas in the world of video games. This eighth installment of the game continues the story of the seventh one right where it ended. Taking advantage of the graphical improvements that came with the launch of the new generation of consoles, Resident Evil becomes the most immersive horror experience we have to date. You will enjoy new scenarios, adventures, weapons, enemies with which you will immerse yourself in a terrifying adventure in which you will meet new characters and some already known in previous games. Incarnate Ethan Winters, finish with numerous enemies and live the continuation of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. With the Resident Evil: Village MODs you’ll be able to give the game a different touch, or improve and expand some of the existing available functions.

Resident Evil: Village for PC, PS5, PS4, PS4, XBOX ONE

Resident Evil: Village is a multiplatform game, it is available for the following consoles: PC, PS4, PS5 and XBOX ONE/ X/ S. The requirements in the case of PS4, PS5 and XBOX ONE are simply the characteristics of the console itself, so having this console you can enjoy this magnificent game without any problem. In the case of PC we will need:

Resident Evil: Village minimum requirements:

  • RAM: 8 Gb RAM.
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 – 7500.
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 or equivalent.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 64 Bit or equivalent.

What do Resident Evil: Village MODs do? What are they for?

MODs are generally small modifications, or additional content that modify, complete or extend certain functions of the game. The MODs of Resident Evil: Village can be used toResident Evil Village MODs
serve for:

  • Modifications of the already existing functions.
  • Expansions of the already existing functions.
  • Additional content implemented within the game.
  • Help to make the game easier.
  • Implementation of graphical or playable improvements.
  • Bug or BUG fixes.
  • Etc…

How to install MODs in Resident Evil: Village?

Installing MODs in Resident Evil: Village may seem complicated but following the instructions below you will find it a very simple process:

  1. Find a folder on your computer where you want to host the MOD Manager Fluffy MOD Manager.
  2. Once this is done we will have to download Fluffy MOD Manager for Resident Evil 8.
  3. Install Fluffy MOD Manager on your computer.
  4. Download the MOD or MODs you want from our website and save them in any folder without unzipping them.
  5. Run the MOD Manager and select the Resident Evil: Village game. Make sure you don’t have any additional files in the Resident Evil folder before doing this step.
  6. Drag all the MODs you have downloaded from our website into the MOD Manager window without unzipping.
  7. Close and reopen Fluffy MOD Manager and go to the Manage MODs section in the Resident Evil 8 game.
  8. Install or uninstall the MODs you want.
  9. Enjoy Resident Evil Village MODs.

How to download MODs for Resident Evil: Village?

To download the MODs of Resident Evil: Village we will have to select the desired MODs from the list below, access the page and follow the instructions previously detailed. Do not worry because we will leave the installation guide in each of the MODs, so that you can easily access it.