+25 Best Teardown MODs – Download & Install

Teardown is a sandbox video game developed by the company Tuxedo Labs that includes a mixture of several genres including action and puzzles. This game offers a wide world full of possibilities, and has the option to expand it even more if we make use of the different MODS available for Teardown. The MODs of Teardown offer incredible changes to the game, from appearance improvements to gameplay enhancements, including a large number of new content.

Teardown MODs

Below you will find a selection of the best Teardown MODs, along with a section where we explain how to download and install these MODs quickly and easily.

The best MODs for Teardown and new MODs for Teardown

MOD Name Description Type Size Download
Hot Air Balloon Adds a new air balloon that allows you to transport one person Vehicles 17,702 MB Download
Colossus attack New map that adds an iron colossus Map 5,928 MB Download
Final Flash New anime weapon pack Weapon Pack 6,479 MB Download
Quad Shotgun Introduces four barrels that allow you to increase the power of the shotgun Weapon booster 0.132 MB Download
Russian Tesla Coil Add a Russian Tesla Coil Weapons 2,244 MB Download
The Red Keep New map with numerous rooms inspired by The Game of Thrones Map 9,815 MB Download
Collapser New MOD that changes the dynamics of destruction of the elements Effects 0.105 MB Download
AR 15 Adds the AR 15 rifle to the game, with numerous new features Weapons 0.417 MB Download
Falcon 10x Adds the Falcon 10x helicopter to the game with numerous features Vehicles 30,288 MB Download
Biohazard New game mode that adds Zombies and numerous elements Game mode 19,322 MB Download
Guided Asteroid Adds a very destructive asteroid Weapons 10,118 MB Download
Plane Gun New special weapon and new maps Weapons 992,515 MB Download
Plane Minigun New version of Plane Gun with rapid fire Guns 992,442 MB Download
Micro Metropolis A huge city with a miniature scale Map 5,881 MB Download
Heli Takedown New map with controllable helicopters Map and vehicles 762,570 MB Download
AK-47 Adds the AK 47 weapon to the game with numerous features Weapons 0.416 MB Download
Awatto Airport New Awatto Airport map and numerous elements added to the gameplay Map 56,999 MB Download
Dynamic Towers New dynamic towers falling animation Animation 16,713 MB Download
Magma Add magma and fire to tools Skin 0.388 MB Download
Earthquake Mod that generates an earthquake on any map (recommended for small and medium-sized maps) Earthquake 0.478 MB Download
Cessna Swarm Adds a sky lift to the game Transport 1,734 MB Download
Chinook Crash MOD similar to the Cessna sky lift but individual Transportation 2,422 MB Download
Physgun Physgun that raises the elements Weapons 0.258 MB Download
Asian Inspired Buildings New buildings inspired by Japan and Asian cities Map 47.127 MB Download
Thor 2 Thor-style hammer throw Weapons 2,482 MB Download
Polkadot Gun Ultra destructive weapon based on Polkadot Man Weapons 0.875 MB Download
Player Scaler New custom player scaler that resizes almost all elements Scaler 1,726 MB Download
Smerp Labs Add different mini-games Game mode 8,626 MB Download

How to download and install Teardown MODs

Download and install MODs of Teardown for PC is very simple, we will only have to locate the MOD we want to download in the table above and click on the “Download” button, which will take us directly to the MOD download on the Stream platform, the best option when downloading MODS for this video game. Once we are in the link of the MOD we want to download we do the following:

  1. Click on “Subscribe”
  2. The MOD download will be done automatically.
  3. In case the download is not successful, restart the game.
  4. Ready! We can now enjoy our favorite MODS of Teardown.