Download SeaTruck Depth Upgrades – Subnautica Below Zero

With the MOD SeaTruck Depth Upgrades for Subnautica Below Zero you will be able to access three new depth upgrades for the Seatruck, which will allow you to reach new areas that in the original game would be unreachable with the Seatruck. This MOD can be downloaded for free, and the installation is very simple, like any Subnautica MOD.

seatruck depth upgrades

The original game already has 3 tiers of depth upgrades, so this MOD adds 3 new tiers on top of the original ones.

  • MK4: 1250m depth
  • MK5: 1700m depth.
  • MK6: 2050m depth.
  • MK6: 2050m depth.

This MOD enriches the game, as it does not unbalance it and offers us new possibilities. Actually, reaching greater depths with the SeaTruck does not have a great utility in the original game, but it can be interesting for the most curious players.

How to install Seatruck Depth Upgrades in Subnautica Below Zero

This MOD (and all other MODs to improve Seatruck) requires to have two MODs installed:

Once you have the required MODs installed (aside from QMODMANAGER 4, of course), you will just need to insert the SeaTruck Speed Upgrades file folder inside the QMODs folder.

How to download Seatruck Depth Upgrades for Subnautica Below Zero

To make it easier to download this MOD, we have re-uploaded the latest official update to

Link – Download Seatruck Depth Upgrades.