Download Seatruck Arms MOD – Subnautica Below Zero (2021)

The MOD Seatruck Arms allows us to attach new arms to our Seatruck of Subnautica Below Zero, which originally could only be placed on the Prawn Suit. By downloading and installing this MOD we will have the convenience of being able to use all the functions of the arms (such as mining material ores) from our Seatruck.

seatruck arms mod

It should be emphasized that the arms for the Seatruck will be completely independent from the ones the game already incorporates for the PrawnSuit. They will be unlocked independently and you will not be able to swap models between the Seatruck and the Prawn Suit (which makes this MOD not so unbalanced and does not break the original game).

As you can imagine, we will need new slots to incorporate these new arms to our Seatruck, so it will be mandatory to install an additional mod to enjoy this MOD to the fullest.

How to install Seatruck Arms in Subnautica Below Zero

This MOD (and all other MODs to improve the Seatruck) requires to have two MODs installed:

Once you have the required MODs installed (aside from QMODMANAGER 4, of course), you will just need to insert the SeaTruck Speed Upgrades file folder inside the QMODs folder.

How to download Seatruck Arms for Subnautica Below Zero

This MOD can be downloaded for free from the mirror we have created on with the latest version available.

Link – Download Seatruck Arms