Best Starbound MODs for PC – Download & Install

Starbound is an indie video game that takes place in a 2D universe in which players can explore by finding new items, weapons, and endless new possibilities. This makes Starbound a perfect game for the use of MODs, which add even more content to the game, getting players to delight in this world based on each planet having unique characteristics.


In Starbound we will enjoy exploring planets, getting unique space weapons and overcoming the different missions that are proposed to us.  One of the most interesting elements in this game are the different races of the characters, which influence the game mechanics.

Some of thebest MODs of Starbound include the incorporation of new races in the game, being the next most interesting group of MODs those related to weaponry and equipment. We will also find MODs that modify appearance, new mounts, and new ships. In the following table you will find a summary of the most used MODs by Starbound players.

Best Starbound MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded Starbound:

MOD Name Description Type Size Download
Creative Mode Adds creative mode to the game, allowing you to explore and investigate items Game Mode 1.9 MB Download
XS Corporation Mechs Adds new mechanical technology Mechanics 3.3 MB Download
Fully Customizable Ship Mod that allows building the ship by blocks Construction 26 KB Download
Knight Artorias Gear from Dark Souls – Enraged Koala Add Dark Souls gear to the game Equipment 1.7 MB Download
Simple Extended Character Creation Mod Extends and simplifies the creation of new characters Character creation 572 KB Download
Variety is the spice of the Universe New biomes, new music, new plains, new weather, numerous elements and new features Biomes 7.1 MB Download
Blood Mod Adds bloody elements and more blood during fights Bloody Skin 435 KB Download
Sergal Race Adds a new playable race, the Sergals. Also adds new weapons, features and new elements New race 2.1 MB Download
Human Spacecruiser version Gilgamesh New giant version ship New ship 103 KB Download
TS technologies Add new machines with different usabilities Machines 70 KB Download
Marauder Equipment Mod Add new custom equipment New equipment 2.3 MB Download
Matter Manipulator Plus Adds a set of upgradable mass manipulators New dough manipulators 71 KB Download
RWBYbound – Universe and Weaponry New universe, new equipment, new skins, etc New universe 2,4 MB Download
Pixel Goods Store Add pixel mode to in-game items such as furniture and objects Skin 2.5 MB Download
Patch FR French Francais Translate the game to French Translation 12 KB Download
Lyetzis Gunshop MOD Add weapons, uniforms, tanks, helicopters, missions and tasks Add items 51.9 MB Download
Vanity Station Mod Adds a new creation table that allows you to create all Vanity elements Creation 46 KB Download
Automatic Doors Makes all doors in the game open and close automatically Doors 19 KB Download
Random Gun Crafting Create new random guns Gun crafting 974 KB Download
Star Wars – The Ancient Forge Mod Add Star Wars forge for forging lightsabers Weapon forge 2.2 MB Download
StarMount Adds a total of 150 mounts of various types to the game Mounts 20.4 MB Download
Neko Race Revived New Neko Race Revived New Race 719 KB Download
Starbound Spanish Translation of Starbound into Spanish Translation 316 KB Download
Plus 1 Ships – USS Gilgamesh and Spacecruiser and Human Default Upgrade the version of several ships and resize them Ship upgrade 22 KB Download
Kazdra Adds dragons, custom sprites, new armor, and more New race 4.1 MB Download