Best Skater XL MODs para PC – Download & Install

Skater XL is a skateboarding videogame in which we will have a complete immersion in the skateboarding world to turn it into a way of life. Along with our character, we will have to perform the best tricks, strengthen our style, combine designs, and select the best skate combos to become the best in town.

skater xl

We will have to master more than 60 skate spots with different scenarios, from squares to swimming pools, big buildings, and other impressive places based on real life. In addition, we will have to develop our creativity as no one has ever done to make the best freestyle of the city.

We are facing an ideal game to use MODs, because in Skater XL we will find numerous skins to customize our avatar, new designs for our skateboard, and numerous improvements in the scenarios, to add elements and make them more realistic. Some of thebest MODs of Skater XL include new skateparks, squares, and stages to skate, and different clothing lines with unique styles.

Best Skater XL MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded MODs of Skater XL:


MOD Name Description Type Size Download
Riverfern Combines famous Australian skateparks Skatepark 311.99 MB Download
Applewood Park New city map suitable for all skating styles Map 356.92 MB Download
Full-Body Traditional Tattoos New Character Body Tattoos Skin 18.82 MB Download
Quebec Skate Plaza Xbox Map reproducing Quebec Square in Canada Map 185.2mb Download
Berlin XL New map with numerous parks and skate spots Map 423.45mb Download
Illegal Civilization Godspeed Drop New clothing for characters, including t-shirts, hoodies, and more Clothing 5.2 MB Download
Fermenter Plaza Xbox New map with different zones Map 296.36mb Download
The Warehouse New skatepark with underground style and several levels Skatepark 121.62 MB Download
Bleach Skateboards New skins with color and deck variations for skateboards Skins 4.18mb Download
Camo Cargo Pants New pants for your character with 8 different styles and colors Clothing 9.33mb Download
Embarcadero Plaza XBox New map depicting San Francisco’s Embarcadero Plaza, with incredible skate areas Map 344.16mb Download
Skate Workers Vest ANNIVERSARY EDITION New vests for your character, with various colors Clothing 9.44mb Download
Thirteen Skateboards: Fleep Signature Deck New cherry skateboard skin Skin 4.39mb Download
Smiley Hoodie Pack New smiley design hoodies in various colors Clothing 3.25mb Download
Oganikku JDM Grip Series 16 new JDM-inspired engine grips Grips 25.82mb Download
Black Flannel w/ white hoodie New hoodie for your character Clothing 2.07mb Download
STREETS 2 Day New complete map Map 357.53mb Download
Gh0stface Signature New footwear with spectacular features Clothing 5.59mb Download
rugby polo New polo shirt with colorful striped style Clothing 257.63kb Download
Chinese style body suit New skin with tattoos Skin 11.98mb Download
Flame Griptapes New flame design for your skate in various colors Skin 20.39mb Download
Fallen Hope Spooky Season Halloween-inspired clothing, skins and items Skin 5,46 MB Download
PYRMD CLOTHING CO New clothing line for your character, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more Clothing 11.38mb Download
Lo-Fi DenimJoggers New Denim Jogger style pants available in six colors Clothing 29.44mb Download
Big City_Remake Remake of the well-known Big City map, with new places, squares and skateparks to enjoy to the fullest Map 975.69mb Download