25 Best The Sims 4 MODs – Download & Install PC (Windows)

Download The Sims 4 MODS  is a social and life simulation video game, specifically the fourth installment of the famous The Sims saga, which has been played by millions of players around the world. These characters and their needs have conquered players over the years, and several installments and expansions of the saga have been released, so it is not surprising that there are also MODs for The Sims 4, since the game includes a universe and interactions that offer numerous possibilities.

Sims 4 MODS

Some of the most commonly used MODs in The Sims 4 are MODs concerning the appearance of the different scenarios. They are also quite popular those that are responsible for modifying the facial expressions and social interactions of these adorable characters, making them more realistic, as we know that they are not usually very natural.

In this universe we will find MODs of all kinds, from modifications that include new recipes and new life aspirations, to changes in the scenarios and incorporation of new elements in them. We will even find a MOD that adds playable pets to the game, without the need to play The Sims Pets. These are modifications that are worth trying if we are fans of this game, as they greatly expand the gameplay.

The best Sims 4 MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded of The Sims 4:

MOD Name Description Type Size Download
No Mosaic Remove mosaic from your Sims when they appear in the shower, bath, during diaper change, etc Remove Mosaic 800 Bytes Download
Custom Food Interactions Add custom interactions between Sims and their food and custom meals Food 1.72 MB Download
Lifetime Aspirations Add new lifetime aspirations and achievements for your Sims Aspirations 1.30 MB Download
Height Slider Adjust the heights of your Sims Heights 902 Bytes Download
Functional Pool Slide Adds the Sims 3 pool slide to the Sims 4 New slide 1.04 MB Download
8 Custom Traits 8 new custom traits for your Sims Facial Traits 171.1 KB Download
Custom University Electives Add new electives for your sims and change personality traits Life Choices 104.9 KB Download
Modern City House New urban design for the houses in the game, with numerous add-ons Houses and decoration 257.9 KB Download

Eotional Inertia

Adds some stability to the mood of your Sims Emotions 134.6 KB Download
Private Practice Private health care with numerous features Health 10 MB Download
Have Some Personality Please Improved interactions between sims, more conversations, etc Personality 405.4 KB Download
Playable Pets Playable pets for your Sims, such as dogs and cats with their needs, etc Pets 55 KB Download
Meaninfull Stories Makes the Sims’ mood swings more natural Emotions 444 kB Download
Ui Cheats Extension Cheats to have unlimited amount of goodies, money, etc Cheats 3.93 MB Download
Better Romance More realistic romantic relationships Emotions 89.1 KB Download
Bunk Beds You can have bunk beds and change the beds of your Sims Bunk Beds Table Download
Slice of Life MOD that makes the game more realistic, adds new health system, mobile apps, and much more Life 5 KB Download
WonderfulWhims Improve relationships, birth control, Sims’ menstrual cycle, etc Life and relationships 22.63 MB Download
Woohoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul New health system, doctors, Spa, tanning salon, menstrual cycle and fertility control, etc Health and wellness  

9 MB

Plumfruit MODS pack that enhances the technological life of your Sims (Apple inspired) Plumfruit 11 MB Download
Memorable Events Add events to the game such as parties, birthdays, appointments, and many more Events 13 MB Download
Delivery Service Order food of all kinds with this delivery service MOD Delivery Service 16 KB Download
Hire a Farmhand Mod You can have a farmer who provides you with vegetables, fresh milk, etc Farmhand Service 54.6 KB Download
Ink For Yourself Memory Keeper Create your own journal to keep your best memories Journal 11 MB Download
Shorter Teen Height Preset Gives more realistic facial features to Sims teenagers Facial features 1 MB Download
Assign NPCs Roles MODS pack that assigns roles to in-game NPC’s such as banker, gardener, fisherman,etc) Assign NPCs Roles 244 KB Download

How to download MODs for The Sims 4

To download MODS for The Sims 4 the first thing you need to do is locate the MOD you want to download in the table above and, once located, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Download” button to access the download link and more information about the MOD.
  2. Go to the download section and click on “Dwonload”.
  3. If the file comes compressed in .zip, we right click and extract the file into a folder.
  4. You can now enjoy the MOD.
  5. Remember that before downloading each MOD is advisable to check if it is necessary to have previously any other MOD, as well as check the compatibility between MODS.